It’s BTS time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What better time to infuse music into your daily curriculum than at the beginning of the year when you are developing community and setting the tone for a fabulous year of fun and learning!?!

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Try these great tunes for transitions:


“Library Song” by Two of a Kind

“It’s Time to Stand Up” by Susan Salidor   




“As Quiet Can Be” by Peter & Ellen Allard

“When I Only Have a Minute” by Susan Salidor  

“Read a Book” by Katherine Dines  

Brain breaks:

“Swing It, Baby, Swing” by Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer   


  “So Many Ways to Be Smart” by Two of a Kind 


   “Put the Beat in Your Feet” by Charlotte Diamond 

 “If You’re Happy and You Know It” by Liz Buchanan     

Or background music:

“A Lullaby for You” by Sammie Haynes   


   “Close Your Eyes” by Charlotte Diamond   


“Lavender’s Blue” by Liz Buchanan  


Songs for coming and going:

   “The Walking School Bus” by Charlotte Diamond    Also in FRENCH!


  “Hello” by Susan Salidor   


“Come Into the Circle” by Liz Buchanan 


 “A Goodbye Song” by Peter & Ellen Allard   

  “Adios” by Susan Salidor



How about a NEW birthday tune this year?!

“A Happy Birthday to You” by Peter & Ellen Allard 



“On the Day That You Were Born” by Peter & Ellen Allard 


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Welcome to Little Songbird: Songs for Learning!

little_songbird_default_product_imageAt LSSFL you will find:

  • songs to download categorized by theme, skill or artist
  • downloadable activities and lesson plans correlated to the Common Core State Standards to accompany some of the wonderful songs we know you’ll want to use in your classroom tomorrow
  • Lyric pages with each song that are specially formatted for use as a literacy teaching tool! Print and use today!
  • research tidbits to help you understand the “how and why” of integrating music throughout your curriculum
  • a blog through which we can exchange ideas for integrating music
  • and more!


At Little Songbird we know that the best classrooms are those where singing, lyrics, movement and creative curriculum integration are an everyday occurrence. We are here to help you make that a reality for your students.

Spread the word, and help yourself to this great set of Thanksgiving FREEBIES and the midi file for the song “Oh My Darling, Clementine” so you and your students can start singing today!

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